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Apache Isis™ is a framework to let you rapidly develop domain-driven apps in Java. This app has been generated using Isis' quickstart archetype, which configures Isis' most commonly used components as part of a straightforward "todo" app.

The app itself consists of a single domain class, ToDoItem, along with a number of supporting services. You are free to strip it back and reuse for your own purposes.

Alternatively, if stripping back this app is too much work, you might want to start with the even simpler simple archetype, and use this app by way of reference.

The Isis components that are configured in this app are:

Component Access URL Description Further info on the Isis website
Wicket Viewer wicket/ Provides a generic UI for end-users, built with Apache Wicket wicket viewer
RestfulObjects Viewer restful/ Provides a RESTful API conformant with the Restful Objects spec restfulobjects viewer
JDO Object Store n/a Persists objects using JDO/DataNucleus; configured to use HSQLDB in-memory database jdo objectstore
Shiro Security n/a Provides authentication and authorization, using Apache Shiro shiro security

The default user/password is sven/pass (as configured in the shiro.ini file).

App contents

The key files in this "todo" app are:

Next steps

Use the following as a check-list for refactoring towards your own application: